The latest Steamspa model has finally tied with Steamcore on steam quality. Their models have 3/4 inch piping and works at 20psi continously on their main tank. The Black Series is my top model that almost ties with Steamcore. See my new page with over 3400 customers that have bought a Steamspa generator since 1999. See inside their bathroom and get a personal look. The blue series is their more affordable generator.

Steamspa has what I consider the best steam quality if you are not going to use fans and you want to heat up your body like most people do. The steam it gives off is super dry compared to the other pressurized brands. What I mean by dry is that it has less condensate in the steam. It works at a higher psi. Most steam generators work at 15 psi and they don’t require expensive high pressure relief valves. This works at high psi and requires large pipe lines. It will NOT work with 1/2 inch pipes that most people have in their homes.

The steam is constant within about 4 to 9 degrees depending on your ceiling height. Also, about ceiling height if the steam has less condensate and it is more continuous (slow burn steam) it creates less of a steam trap at the ceiling with ceilings over 7 foot tall. I prefer whole body steam therapy rather than just heating up my upper body.

If a fan is used to make steam bathing a whole body experience, I urge people not to have wet steam (low psi, smaller pipes). When the lower body that normally would just feel the condensate dropping experiences the same vasodilation as the upper body, this is when the most heat shock proteins are created and the entire body core temperature is heated evenly.

​Also, if the whole body is heated at the same rate by using a Kona dc marine grade fan, the temperature can be lowered. Most people turn the temperature up too high because only half of the body is being heated. If the entire body is being heated evenly, I always turn the temperature lower so I can stay in the steam session for 30 minutes.

Cardiac drift: most people are less likely to get their heart rate up too quick with a lower temperature and a full body steam experience than having it set to the highest temperature and only the upper body is getting the experience.

As far as steam quality, the Steamspa almost ties with Steamcore but the steam from each is different. I am not going to say better but just different. If using a 6kw steam generator, one uses about 2 gallons of water in a 30 minute session and the other uses about a gallon and a half. One steam room will have a denser steam with a larger micron size steam while the other has a denser steam due to it being dryer but not as hot since using less water holds less condensate. If you like it super hot and feeling more like a sauna but with steam you will like one brand. If you like it not so intense but still cloudy as the room holds more steam but the temperature of the room feels lower you will like the other brand.

It is confusing if you haven’t experienced wet vs dry steam and are only used to the ones in the gyms and other commercial steam rooms. Please look at my wet vs dry steam page.

​Note: water filters are required for all Steamspa generators. They work at a very high psi and the higher the pressure the more limescale and calcium deposits build up on the heating elements. Even with an auto flush it is still required.

Notice: Some steam generators can burn nearly twice as many calories in 20-30 minutes than other brands and this all has to do with how dry the steam is and how much latent heat can be transferred from the vapor into the body. A person ideally wants the temperature at max but also being able to breathe easily and be comfortable is important so the dryness fraction must be high as well. Also using continuous steam mode on a few brands that have this capability makes for easier breathing at maximum temperatures. It also ensures that the temperature stays at its max the whole session time versus dipping.

If you want to know if Steamspa is the right steam generator for you, take my steam quiz. I will pick out a generator based on the answers you choose. Take the steam generator quiz here.