Kohler is usually the first steam generator people compare when they are first researching steam generators. This does not fall anywhere near my tier 1 brands. If you want a dry steam with low condensate and don’t want steam traps due to wet steam carrying too much latent heat at the ceiling.

You know people generally like the work that I do because I’m generally unbiased and instead focus on the positives and negatives of many brands and products. Unfortunately I will have to make an exception with this brand as well as Whirlpool which will have a very similar review. I kind of have to say it as it is because I don’t want to feel in any way responsible for someone’s product nightmare if they select one of
those two brands. So for the record I caution anyone to purchase from these two companies and this also goes for other home products they might sell.

So what’s the big problem? Around 2009 they moved a lot of their manufacturing to China. They certainly were not the only once totally USA company to do so. The quality of what is produced from the US companies that move out there seems to greatly decline and specifically with component quality. Of course labor is cheaper in China and that is a little bit of the issue but again the main problem is grade of components.

They might have saved millions of dollars on labor but swapping out the heating coil in a generator for a cheaper metal alloy is always going to cause an issue. The company knows this and exactly what might be the estimate on its longevity after X amount of usage over X period of time. Some of the issues are burned out heating elements, leaky steam heads, leaking doors, digital controller malfunctions, and other kinds of leaking issues. The worst kinds of issues to have by the way are leaks and this company has got them.

But the issue is that when these companies go over sees they stop caring about a 50 fold increase in customers having product performance and reliability issues with their steam products because the company is enjoying a massively greater profit margin.
One thing that hasn’t changed with this company is its customer service. Ohhhh the company has plenty of money for a robust servicing network and this is also partly because they product so many other kinds of home appliances as well. There is one big drawback however to purchasing from the company or any company that is well known for producing home appliances, is that while they might have a bathroom division in the company, a lot of times the servicing technicians who are sent out are not total experts in any one specific product area but kind of jack of all trades where the company policy is to switch out units if they ever bump into an issue that are not confident they can fix on their own.

This adds up to a lot of extra expenses for servicing even if covered under the warranty. It took me a while of research but I basically found for most of the steam companies what their percentage of warranty usage was the first 5 years and they were at the very top of that. In fact they were at least 10 times the nearest competitor brand! Some people would say that that’s because they sell so many more generators and accessories but that is definitely not the case, in fact when it comes to steam bath remodels they are not that popular. They are more popular with SteamShower self contained units that are the total prefab install (that I suggest no one buys even from other companies) and they have more of a dominance with that kind of product simply because of brand recognition and the huge amount of showrooms across the country.

I won’t really even spend the time sharing my analysis of the steam production itself or other details as I hope at this point no one seriously considers this brand. I will share this though for those curious the other tests I ran put it on par with the cheaper brands that are all manufactured guess where…China! Steamwhirl, Series 63, Whirlpool, etc.